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No graphs and other issues after 3.2.3 Upgrade

System is Mac OS X Server 10.4.8.

Wildfire Enterprise 3.2.3 plugin:

After installing Enterprise plugin from the plugin page, the graphs no longer appeared, so I stopped the server, downloaded the wildfire 3.2.3 server.dmg and ran the installer. Graphs still missing.

Spark Fastpath Webchat 3.2.3:

added users to a new workgroup, and they are online, but status page says 0/5 are logged in. Attempting to launch

fastWeb Chat gives this error:

Unable to connect to server using the following settings:

Server: xserve.xxxxx.xxx

Port: 5222

SSL Enabled: false

A check of the server settings page shows an exclamation point next to the server name.

Sorry- a lot for one post, but I think they may be related.

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Have you upgraded the webchat.war as well?

What version of spark are you using. I would recommend the latest 2.5 beta.