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"No groups were found" error when setting up Group Mapping

I’ve never worked with a program like this before and feel really stupid.

I have successfully made it up to Step 3. I have no idea what I am supposed to enter in the fields: Group Field, Member Field & Description Field.

My domain is: something.com

I have an OU called “Employee Accounts”

There are sub OUs under that: “Accounting” “Marketing” “IT” “Administration” etc.

I entered my Base DN in Step 1 as: OU=Employee Accounts,dc=something,dc=com

Test Settings was successful.

On Step 2 I ddin’t do anything. Clicked Test Settigns and it came up with a random profile for one of my employees. (Yay!)

Now I’m on Step three and I have no idea what to put in the Group Mapping fields. What is this for?

The instructions on Step 3 of 3 page say to hover your mouse over the question mark icon for additional information bout a field but hovering or clicking doesn’t do anything.

Can anyone give me direction on what I’m supposed to put in these three fields?

I uninstalled Openfire and started over. Skipped the Group part. Am able now to get to the Admin page. I have the client installed on three machines. However, we cannot see each other.

I found a colleague who uses this and he helped me resolve my problems.