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No Indication on Yahoo Disconnections

My company uses OpenFire 3.4.1 with a custom client. A user has been getting disconnected from Yahoo, but does not see any

notification or see his buddies go offline. We believe he is logging

into yahoo from another location. The client should show some kind of

notification that you are logged out of yahoo when this happens.

Has anyone replicated this problem?

Any easy solutions?

We’ve reproduced this by logging in using the Yahoo Messenger client after logging in from our custom client via Openfire.

Openfire 3.4.2, Gateway 1.2.1a. Will try on 3.4.4 & 1.2.2a today & update the thread.

Openfire 3.4.5; Smack 3.0.4; ImG/w 1.2.2a

Same results as Richard. No indication of concurrent login. I do see in OF’s warn.log :

2008.02.08 09:48:13 Error occured while processing packet:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not logged in

at org.openymsg.network.Session.checkStatus(Unknown Source)

at org.openymsg.network.Session.sendMessage(Unknown Source)

at org.openymsg.network.Session.sendMessage(Unknown Source)

at org.jivesoftware.openfire.gateway.protocols.yahoo.YahooSession.sendMessage(Yaho oSession.java:356)

…when a message is attempted to be sent.

My company is still have issues with disconnections. We are attempting to hire someone to help us solve these problems. Please forward this job description to anyone appropriate and available: http://jobs.accolo.com/12366 .