No irc gateway archive conversations with enterprise archive plugin?

openfire: 3.5.2

kopete: 0.50.80


I have been trying for a few weeks to get the irc gateway working. I love the enterprise message archiving. Thank you SO much for making it open source. It is such a blessing to have all of my logs in one place. Since a lot of my convos are on IRC i was hoping i could do the same for it.

So, i can log into the irc server and talk and all that. Looking in the “search archive” in my server i see an entry for today for "" and a "" The nickserv one has the messages from nickserv. Cool. However, the one from" only has the server messages.

Where is the log entry that i should have for joining the room that i did and talking in it?

Under “Archive Settings” i have “Archive group chats checked” as well as one on one

Any ideas or is this just somehow not functional. It is a group convo so why is this not archiving?


Hrm. You know, this might be occurring because we’re -not- being a full fledged muc service. (as per our other conversation) In other words, we’re not tapping into the build in mechanisms for triggering a transcript recording for group chats. GATE-433

Hrm. Auto-JIRA linking is not working. Recorded that to look into it: is the link.

Thanks for looking into this. I really appreciate it.