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No local connection between agsXMPP and OpenFire 3.6


My name’s Dave, and i’m pretty new with OpenFire.

I’m using it as a java-c#-bridge to communicate between different modules of a software that has been written in different programming languages (mostly java and c#). It all works fine, but in the end I’ve got one issue with a machine, that i can’t solve by myself.

First of all: I’m using smack API on Java side. It works just fine.

My real problem is agsXMPP2008 on C# side (Visual Studio 2008).

Basically i’m running a local OpenFire 3.6.4 Server for communication between different modules of my software. It works like a charm on most machines (Vista, W7, Win XP, different VMs), but there is one desktop computer - a Windows XP Prof. SP3 - that gives me troubles. On that machine the Java Modules just work fine. They connect to OpenFire and are listed in the “sessions” tab.

Unfortunately the C#-Modules doesn’t work at all. It’s connection state won’t change from “connecting” to “connected”. Also there are no errors or events logged. It’s actually as if it never tried to connect at all. Again: The very same combination of Modules and OpenFire works just fine on all my other machines.

Another strange thing: it is possible to connect with the mentioned C#-Module from an extern machine to the OpenFire Server of the “problem”-machine and vice versa to connect with the C#-Module from the “problem”-machine to an extern OpenFire Server. Only thing that apparently doesn’t work is the connection between agsXMPP and a local OpenFire Server on that specific machine.

Maybe someone of you experienced the same problem and may have a solution for me.

Thank you in advance,