No login with LDAP authentification


i have just installed openfire 3.5.2 with LDAP Support.

I want to use our active directory to authenticate the users.

I went through the setup process and passed all tests for the communication with our DC with success.

I can login to the admin console and see all users and groups, but i can not login to the service with any Jabber-Client.

(I tried some of them.)

When i try to login to the Jabber-Service there are no error- or warning-messages shown in the admin console.

So now i’m stuck and dont know where to look for an solution.

The only thing i could see as a problem is that the Jabber-Domain ( and the Microsoft-Domain ( are not the same. Could this bee a problem?

As far as i understand it users have to register at the Jabber-Servive with and when Openfire tries to authentificate them against the active directory there is only the user known.

I think, i need some help here …



Please post your openfire.xml config file. This file has all the settings that control LDAP authentication.

My users simply login with