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No MUC updates when offline participant is removed from room


We are trying to use Openfire for group chat. While testing we found out that no updates are being broadcasted to room members when an OFFLINE member is removed from the room. When the same user is removed from the room while online, all room members receive an update.

Openfire version : 4.1.4

Can someone please look into this?


We ask to first test against the latest version of Openfire.

We tested it on the current version, 4.2.3, recently and the result is the same as before.
Just wonder if the OF treated the offline users differently.
Please be advised.

I would suggest to test also against 4.3.0 Beta. But it has an issue, that you can’t access Admin Console. But maybe for a test it is not necessary. Just install test 4.2.3 server, prepare users and rooms, then install 4.3.0 Beta on top and check if it behaves correctly. https://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/beta.jsp