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No response from server.:


I have written a reconnection method that checks every now end then, if the connection is still up. If not I reconnect and then have to create all the groupchats again, that my class was listening to … for some reasons when joining a newly build groupchat I’'m getting the following exception:

No response from server.:

at org.jivesoftware.smack.GroupChat.join(GroupChat.java:193)

at org.jivesoftware.smack.GroupChat.join(GroupChat.java:154)

at com.bmdwireless.cmi2.monitorclient.ConnectionHandler.createAndJoinNewGroupChat( ConnectionHandler.java:791)

at com.bmdwireless.cmi2.monitorclient.ConnectionHandler.update(ConnectionHandler.j ava:713)

at com.bmdwireless.cmi2.monitorclient.ConnectionManager.notifyListener(ConnectionM anager.java:298)

at com.bmdwireless.cmi2.monitorclient.ConnectionManager.updateConnection(Connectio nManager.java:162)

at com.bmdwireless.cmi2.monitorclient.Reconnector.run(Reconnector.java:51)

I basically use the same code as when initially creating and joining the groupchatrooms…

Hope someone has an idea…

Thanks a lot!

Hey Matt,

That error means that Smack has waited for a moment for a reply from the server but nothing was received. You can try incrementing the timeout but if the server is not sending any response then the problem is on the server side. BTW, which server are you using?

To increment the timeout you can change the META-INF/smack-config.xml file.


– Gato

Hello Gato,

thanks for the quick response. I am using your jive server. Not the latest version, as we cannot use java 1.5. However i still get that error, but then when I send messages into the groupchat the client where I received that error still can get the message and parse it…

I will try to increase the waiting time though