No results when searching for name in user search

Hi there, I am running OF 4.01 on a Ubuntu 14.xx sytem. Everything is working great. My customers do use Spark Client for Windows.

When using the search function within Spark and even within Openfire it just searches for username or e-mail adress but does not give me any results if I want to look for the name!

I don´t have a clue what to check to be able to resolve that problem. Maybe you people can help me. Thanks in advance. Lars

I’m able to search by Name in Spark. In Admin Console it only has a field “Username” so it only searches for usernames there.

Hi wroot, well, i figured out, that the search in Spark is case sensitive. Looking for “jon doe” for instance doesn´t give me any results under name. Looking for “Jon Doe” it does. Weird but true :slight_smile: Is it possible to disable case sensitivity?

I’m not sure, but this may be how Search plugin in Openfire operates and Spark is only acting as a broker to that interface. There are probably ways still to workaround this in Spark, but i’m not a developer myself. So, unless someone provides a patch (for Spark or better for the Search plugin in Openfire) i think it can’t be disabled.

well, as long as I am communicating that fact to my Spark users, everything is fine :slight_smile: