No Ringing tone

I tested Red5 phone with Asterisk, phone registers and able to make calls, but there is no ringing tone or progress tone while the called party is ringing…

Any ideas to solve this problem?

We found a bug for the Red5 Phone. Could you replace the red5phone.swf with the attached file?

You may have to clear your cache and browsing history from your browser.

red5phone.swf (1224818 Bytes)

I tried the similar approach, of providing an embedded ringing sound and playing back, but this is actually not exactly what I want. The SIP carriers actually provide the real ringing tone with the sdp, but I guess the sdp does not pass to the red5, or passes only when the call is answered.

Similar to ringing, my SIP carrier passes the voice prompts similar to ‘the mobile phone you are calling is swithed off or unreachable…’ but I can not hear this in red5phone too.

Have a look at the source code for the mjsip java client that red5phone uses. You might be able work out what needs to be done