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No roster appearing?

Quick question: Under what circumstance would the roster not appear for some users and for others it would?

We have openfire setup to pull users and groups from our ldap, which has been fine for months. All of a sudden today some users (using spark or other IM clients) don’t have any users appearing in the roster. Nothing has been changed.

I restarted openfire and all users are back up and running. I haven’t made any changes and openfire was running fine for over a week since the last restart. Very odd that it would just start giving some users no roster.

I would throw my hat in the arena of cache error in Openfire. The reboot just cleared that out. Being the crazy person I am I have my server scheduled for a reboot every night at 4AM. Just for giggles of course.

Before restarting the server I went into the console and cleared out all the caches. Didn’t change the issue. Perhaps there’s another cache involved?

This issue is exactly the same as what is reported here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/159208#159208