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No send graphic to room?

Dang, it’'s only possible to send a clipboard image in individual chats? Any plans to implement broadcasting to rooms?

Yeah, there’‘s definite issues. File dragging doesn’‘t work either, in the rooms – but more interestingly, it’‘s not possible to paste or drag and drop to a session to a user launched from within a room. And oddly, a colleague and I chatting in a normal window experienced where I can send to him, but he can’'t send to me. Nothing happens at all when he does.

OK, now he went away, logged off, and logged in again – and sent me a file OK. Or exited the app, rather.

This is an interesting feature request. However, there’'s not currently a protocol defined for sending files in a group chat, as far as I know. I suppose the server would be responsible for storing the files and sending them to individual chat participants?