No Sound in SparkPhone plugin

Why SparkPhone works with Spark 2.5.8 but does not work with Spark 2.7.5??? Please HELP me…!!! Very Important.!!!

Because since 2.6.0 version proprietary voice chat library has been removed from Spark (because Spark is an Open Source program starting with 2.6.0). And currently there is no developer working on a replacement. You can try it with 2.7.6 version, which will be released today and which has a bit updated voice chat module. But it most probably won’t work either. Also it will need additional setup on the server side as built-in Stun server has been removed from Spark. So one needs to install Stun server plugin on Openfire and configure it (server must have two separate IP addresses). It didn’t work in my tests, but maybe it will work for you. Updated Voice Chat module testing

Adding many ? and ! won’t solve your problem. There is simply no experienced Java or voice chat developers working on Spark currently.

Sorry Dear, No answer by Spark 2.7.6 ////// Is there hope???

There won’t be hope if you won’t provide enough information to help you. So, have you tried it with 2.7.6? Have you configured the Stun server and pointed Spark to your server in Media preferences?

In my personal testing this doesn’t work, it doesn’t even establish a connection. So, it seems that it doesn’t work, but i might be doing something wrong, so waiting for more detailed reports from other users.

In short: it will probably won’t work with any new Spark version, so you should keep using 2.5.8 if you need Voice Chat.