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No STUN settings in Media Services

I have just noticed that there is no STUN setting in the Media Services tab in the Admin Console. In older Openfire versions there was one, which had to be enabled for Spark to be able to make audio call PC to PC. Spark still has STUN setting, but it is useless without server supporting it. So, my question is was STUN removed for good or is it just hidden and has no GUI in the Admin Console?

Stun settings are added as a plug in. Log into your openfire admin console. select the tab plugins. Slect available plug-ins. The stun server plug in is listed here, click on it and install.

After its is installed the Stun server settings in the Media services tab, on the left hand side of the screen beneath the Media Proxy settings.

I forgot about my own thread

Yes, i have discovered this plugin recently as we are deploying Spark and i have tried to get audio chat working. But a server needs two IP addresses for this to work, so no go there for us.

Don’t feel bad, I added a second nic card, and got all the pre-requisites that Spark and Openfire require, and I still can’t make the darn phone icon pop up in spark.

Other than that I’m pleased with Openfire in general.