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"No thread for Socket" error..... please help!

ok, so i start up wildfire, everything seems fine at first but after about 30 seconds i can’'t connect to the admin console anymore. loggin in adminconsole.log i see many of

13:54:38.407 WARN!! [Acceptor ServerSocket[addr=,port=0,localport=9090]] org.mortbay.util.ThreadPool.run(ThreadPool.java:373) >02> No thread for Socket[addr=/,port=4550,localport=9090]

now… i have a process on ym webserver that connects to the useradmin plugin and adds users and rosteritems… i’'m afraid it may have too man connections to handle… is there a way to up this?


wildfire 2.5.1, linux

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Hi Jerm,

adding -Xss128k to the Wifi java start parameters to keep the java stack size small may help if and only if your linux kernel can respect this value.

Does it also happen if you shutdown your webserver or is it really the cause of your trouble?

How many connections do you open to the admin console?

Is it possible that you webserver is not closing the connections?


i can try the xss thing when i get back to the office… BUT

the webservice (on a separate machine) SHOULD be making lots of connections to the useradmin and rosteradmin plugins, but they should be short lived… i only try to open 1 connection to the admin console but it fails.

nothign happens to the calling machine… i’'ll ahve to test if the connections are closing.

how amny threads are normally available?