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No video nad audio connection

I have a problem with videoconference. We can log but can’t see each other. I am sending logs in the attachment. Openfire is connected to Active Directory
Openfire - v. 4.5.1
JVM - 11.0.6 Ubuntu – OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
OpenMeetings - 0.9.5
Chrome.txt (8,4 KB)
Openfire.txt (6,7 KB)

Looks like your focus user is not configured. Read this Openfire Meetings - focus user and ofmeet-focus host?

Focus user is not logging to conference room automatically. I can log him manually only. When people are log to room they show up in session but presence is disconnected. Focus user is configured in AD with focus JID. What can i do.

Set the focus password and try again