No video option for sparkweb

I’ve posted this in the sparkweb forum several times and still weeks later, not one reply.

I am simply asking what might cause sparkweb not to show a video option. Spark works fine both ways on the same openfire server so what would cause sparkweb not to show any video option?

BTW, we can set our devices by right clicking, just never see any method by which to initiate a video chat.

So the few devs on here take the time to argue with me but never take the time to answer after WEEKS of asking the same question? And you honestly think that makes your case now?


To be fair, and to reiterate what someone said in another thread, you’re asking very specific questions which it seems no one has the answer to. I’m sure if someone saw the question and knew the answer to it they probably would have answered.

Part of the problem is that Sparkweb uses a different set of technologies than that of Openfire/Spark/Smack so the developers of those “core” Ignite products aren’t able help with Sparkweb. If you could find a Flash developer that was looking to contribute to an open source project by all means point them to Sparkweb.


You were not arguing with devs actually. Me and Daryl are system adminsitrators (i mean real jobs), though Daryl has some minimal programming knowledge. Walter is a project manager of some sort, but not a developer either. No developer has replied to your posts yet. Except for Ryan, but he is not a flash guy Anyway, i have pinged Dele (who is doing some work on Redfire and Sparkweb) a week ago about your thread. Today i’ve got a reply, that he was really busy and probably will get back to this stuff next week.

Most times, people say ‘you didn’t include enough information’

I don’t know who does what, all I know is that these are slick products, it completely baffles me that there aren’t more people helping each other out. How did these things get so slick if no one is asking/replying to much?

Someone must know the answers to at least some of the questions. You’d think it was better if more people were able to get these things working, it would make more positives for the project/s.

Anyways, I guess my only option is to keep asking because I’m sure if I can’t find a dev here, I won’t be finding one anywhere else too soon.

Arguing was for lack of better word too.

Thanks for asking someone, I’ll just hang in there I guess.