No way to create a global group when using an Integrated Database scenario?

I’'ve set Wildfire up to use an external database table integrated into WildFire so as users only need register once on the website, which is fine.

However, I’‘d quite like a group to be displayed in all user’‘s rosters of every member of the site. The Registration plug-in seems to be only designed to work when using Jive in a non integrated way (i.e. user’'s register a new account using their clients).

Is there any way I can acheive a global group to be displayed in all user’'s rosters without having to manually add the person to the group when they have registered on the site – doing it this way would be time consuming and prone to errors! Guess I am looking for some form of automation in the process.



Hello again Dave

I’‘m not sure whether I don’‘t exactly get what you mean, or that you may have missed the configuration in the Users/Groups tab of Wildfire Admin Console. If you don’‘t have any group yet that you want to make available to all users’’ roasters and that you may call it “global group”, click on “Create New Group” link on the sidebar. One of the options available there is “Show group in all users’’ rosters”. However, this may not be what you want because it doesn’‘t auto-add users to the group. And it’‘s not to my knowledge that the feature doesn’'t help with externally setup user database.