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None of my contacts appear to be online (but they are)


I’m sure this will be a n00b question but a I could not find anything relevant in previous posts so apologies if I missed something.

We run Openfire 3.3.3 and were using Psi as a client as we needed to connect to 2 Jabber servers as a result of the separation of our company. Now that is behind us, we want to use the Spark client so I have installed version 2.5.7 but have the problem of not being able to see any of my contacts as being online although they are. However, they see me as being online and can sends messages but I do not recieve them.

Final info - I am running a fully patched version of Vista Pro and or Openfire server is set to use AD authentication.

Any help would be appreciated.



check your firewall. it sounds as if incoming connections are being blocked. if that does not help I am at a loss since you are using vista (worst os microsoft ever made including me).

My firewall is switched off via Group Policy and other clients (Psi, Pidgin) do work. Anyone else got any ideas?