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None of the Android options for Spark seem to work

OK, so maybe I have mental “issues” that prevent me from figuring this out…

SO we have Spark installed for our local domain only. We usually use it for in house communication, and I thought it would be great to have on my new Android tablet. As I see it, the 3 options are:


imo Messenger


Either way, none of these connect. Jabiru will give me a fail notice, Trillian wants me to log into a Trillian avccount first, and imo will give me a spinning wheel forever, and then just fail. Spark DOES work through my local network, including the wireless acees points we have hooked up. What ama I doing wrong here?

So our server is ‘chat@random-company.com’.

Looks like it’s using port 5222, and I was able to confirm that on my local instal. I am entering the company name as a host, and my work login, but still get errors. Jabiru wants me to add @company.com’, no matter what. Does it need to point to the domain(company.com), or do I need to be logging on as if I were loggin on straght to the messenger, as in chat@random-mossinc.com

I use Trillian and have no real problems with it. Although,I’d recommend setting it up/configuring it on a computer first, then logging onfrom your droid. It’s just easier to do on a PC I think.

I tried Trillian and it wasn’t working, then I realized that it’s one of the things blocked here. We have Spark internal, but they have outside chat stuff blocked, makes this all more of a pain… Grrrrrrrr!

Openfire Server 3.7.0 with PEP Disabled - I use Jabiru on a constant basis.

The following settings are required (at least for our server):

JabberID: username@yourseverdomain.com (started to wonder… is your server address different than your login ID for spark?)

Resource (at least for mine to operate correctly all the time.): Spark

Server Port: 5222

Security mode: Enabled

NO Legacy SSL

NO Compressed Traffic

Connecting is a breeze. I would ensure that you are able to connect to your server (pinging or SSH’ing from your phone with some android terminal).

I have a user that is showing within our Roster with a “sidekick-like” mobile icon (in Pidgin) showing that he is on Mobile, something I haven’t seen before. I can ask what he uses.

One thing: If you use SSL, have a valid cert. Android likes to bawk at expired, and intermediate certificates.