Noob help neede


I have just installed Wildfire on the server and Spark on a workstation

Made a user in admin and tried to connect with the user name and password in spark

I get Invailid name or server cant be reached

Is there a simple non complicated user guide to help me check all the settings.




unfortunately there is no guide about the configuration. You did specify a xmpp.domain (maybe your server name) in Wildfire, you need to specify this one also in Spark. It should be the same name as you are using for the web admin console as I assume that you did not care about DNS SRV records.


Most setups use a true “” address for their setup. So that’'s how the manuals are created in their explanation.

You should, however, be able to install Wildfire with IP numbers for internal testing. Then for the server in Spark use the same IP number. Instead of using server names.

I work at a school and want to set a internal messenger service, then poss link this to a external one.

Ive run the software on out windows 2003 server but im not understanding the server ports.

My server is called

Server Name: school

Server-to-Server Port: 5269

Component Port: 10015

Client Port: 5222

SSL Enabled: Enabled *


Client SSL Port: 5223

Admin Console Port: 9090

Secure Admin Console Port: 9091


I don’'t know your setup, but maybe you also have a domain?

So your full computer name is something like “”? This could be used as xmpp.domain while a proper one would be much better. Is there no guy around which knows a little bit about DNS?


I have my internal DNS resolve the private DMZ ip of the wildfire server and our external DNS uses a public ip forwarded to the DMZ.

That way users on our DHCP that use the internal DNS do not go to the internet to use wildfire but people at there house still have access.

My server dosnt have a domain name like .com

Its just

to access the internet we would put
school and port number into explorer

what i wanted to do was test this app on with windows 2003 server then put a old pc running as an internal server to run the application on the network

I would set it up with the IP address. Then in spark for server name just use the IP of the server.


with school as xmpp.domain your server will be just a standanlone server. To connect to external servers you need a public name as the external servers must be able to connect to you. And “school” will resolve to nothing for them.


My server ip is

put this into spark and "can’'t connect to server: invaild name or server not reachable.

can use remote desktop with above ip to connect to the server.

Wildfire Home: C:\Program Files\Wildfire

Server Name: school

Server Ports

1: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL

Domain Name(s): school

2: IP:Port, Security:, TLS (SSL)

Domain Name(s): school

3: IP:Port, Security:, NORMAL

Domain Name(s): school

made a new user and tried with this username and password.

username: cooper



Can you telnet?

No, but only because i dont know how, i can ping the ip from my laptop and connect via remote desktop.

Hi Cooper,

Try this:

On the “Server:” box in spark login window, enter “school”.

Click on the “Advanced” button. You’'ll get the “Preferences” window.

Unclick the “Automatically discover host and port”.

Enter “” in “Host:” box and click “Ok”.

Logon with the correct username and password.

Hope that helps.

Getting invailed username and password??

I suppose you’‘ve solved the problem on "Can’'t connect to server: invalid name or server not reachable".

On “Invalid username and password” problem, are you sure that user “cooper” exists in Wildfire and that the password is entered correctly? If you are, then retry several times. For some kind of reason (which I don’‘t know), retries do help with a number of users. Otherwise, try to check the “Use OLD SSL port method” in Spark’'s “Preference” window.

In any way, see if there’‘s anything related to your problem displayed on the error/warn log screen of your Wildfire Admin Console. Lets see how you’'re doing…