Not able to use SSO

Hello Everyone!

A few months ago, I started playing with OpenFire and really loved the product. However, I could never get SSO to work (even with a lot of help.) Now that I have some free time, I am back to working on it. Although I am not getting any errors in the OpenFire logs, I am getting errors in the Spark output and error log files. I have attached the files. I followed Todd Getz’s documents exactly (including making the registry edit and putting the krb file in C:\Windows). I also attached my openfire config, my krb file, and my gss file. I must be looking over something.

Thank you for any help!
openfire.xml (3774 Bytes)
error.log (1831 Bytes)
output.log (338 Bytes)
krb5.ini (146 Bytes)
gss.conf (321 Bytes)