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Not able Transfer file in Pandion 2.5

Hello comunity

Due to high memory utilisation in Spark we are decided to use Pandion 2.5 as a IM, Our main requrement is Chatting & file Transfer, But here my prob is that i am not able to trasfer file Pandion to Pandion, When i try to transfer file i get the error **Trasfer Failed. **Also i search from forum i found that from following link edit file src/file_send.html & make changes. i do that also but still my prob is same

can anybudy using Pandion help me to resolve this issue.

Also we r planing to use Spark parralelly for those peapole who want AUDIO/VIDIO ( For Manager ) chat or whoevers PCs have higher physical memory.

Here my question is that is it possible to transfer file bet’n Spark & Pandion if it is possible can any body tell me the procedure.

Thanks in Advance



The same problem is detected on our site.

Basically, there was no problem for the file transfer between Pandions, but it occurred when Spark was installed on the same PC which has Pandion.

Any file transfter tasks between Spark & Pandion or between pandions are not successful.

I also expect a resolution or helpful information for it.



Hi Dear

Now i solve the issue for file transfer from pandion to pandion,

while installing a Openfire server in windows & also change in src/file_send.html belove following line

external.HTTPEngine.subscribe( external.wnd ); <-------------This line is alredy there
external.HTTPEngine.SetProxyInfo( ‘servername’,7777,’’,’’); <---------------New added line

After making this change i am able to trsfer file bet’n Pan. to Pan. but i still not able to stasfer Padion to Spark & Vice versa.

But after that i seach another chat client neos 1.2.1 that is freeware & very nice this will having all the feachers that having with spark & Also it will using very less memory


But also i found one issue it will connect successfully but after 8-10 Minutes it will disconect automaticaly, i am still not able to solve this issue

you use this if u solve this, if u solve this let me know …

Thanks in advance


Thank you for your advice.

The solution was already applied our site, but it caused both Pandion and Spark were insalled on the same PC.

I could confirm that no problem between Pandions or between Sparks, but still unable to transfer a file between Pandion & Spark.

By the way, I would like to ask regarding your reason of shifting from Spark to Pandion.

Although you mentioned “due to high memory utilisation in Spark”, could you please let me know how high is the memory usage of Spark.

At the moment, we are discussing to shift Pandion to Spark because of a problem of loading presence information from OpenFire.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,



Currently we install spark in only 15-20 Machines only and we found that machine working very slow after installing spark,

As per Spark memory consuption it will consume 20-30MB Physical memory & 40-45 MB Virtual Memory when spark is running at system tray means no any chat transaction is hapning at that time.

When user chat with some one then this memory goes high & high it will cosume 60-70MB Physical memory & 50-60MB Virtual memeory and literly you seen this effect on system performace, Litrely system working slow,

Currently we install Spark in those system that will having 1GB memory, And then we think of that what will happen if we install in pc that will having 256MB memory only. Bcos in our setup we have most of system in 256MB & 512 MB Memory…

I hope u you see the all the feacher of neos 1.2.1, I still try to found a solution for neos 1.2.1, ( Disable auto logout )

Thanks & Regards



Thank you very much for your information regarding Spark’s memory usage.

I will reconsider which IM is better for our site.

Best regards,