Not all buddies showing!


Not all my transport buddies are showing in PSI. None of my MSN buddies are showing on the list and only some of my AOL buddies are showing. Bots like Moviefone and ShoppingBuddy (on AOL) which I know are online aren’'t showing up.

Is anyone else having the same problem? I apologize I haven’'t searched through the forums, but if this is a duplicate post please ignore.



Hrm. Your MSN buddies should be showing up as well as AOL. Look in your debug logs (and turn them on in your admin console if you haven’'t already) and see if you see your contacts actually being listed as you log in. You should see messages similar to:

2006.11.04 13:38:44 MSN: Got contact MsnContact: 9b3ae429-2657-45c4-910e-1c1

bb684848e [Fri

endlyName] OFFLINE 11

(for MSN)


2006.11.04 13:38:41 Found buddy item: BuddyItem for thejadestorm (buddy 0x6 in g

roup 0x7): alias=thejadestorm, comment=“null”, alerts: at id 6

(for AIM/ICQ)

Hmm…! Interestingly enough, the missing buddies just started showing up a few minutes ago. I did not do anything and in fact I wasn’'t using PSI at that time.

I didn’‘t have my debug log turned on, but since my buddies are showing up I’‘m not that concerned. If this happens again, I’'ll make sure I turn on the debug logs.



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Hrm. Ok! =)