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Not all Spark conversation dates saving

I have a user that has contacted me and she has several individual chats one on one with other users and only random dates of conversation save and not all dates. She has information that she will need to locate that she sparked someone and it will not be there. Please let me know if there is a setting that needs to be changed or if this is a known issue with a resolution? Thank you

There is no such setting and i don’t recall such issue in the recent Spark versions. What version are you using? Also, are you using Openfire as a server and which version?

This is what I could locate in our file for Spark. We use 2.5.8 as most do not care for 2.6.3


Server Properties

Version: Openfire 3.9.3
Server Directory: C:\Program Files\Openfire
Server Name: medfordradiology.com


Java Version: 1.7.0_55 Oracle Corporation – Java HotSpot™ Client VM
Appserver: jetty/7.x.y-SNAPSHOT
OS / Hardware: Windows 2003 / x86
Locale / Timezone: en / Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT)

Maybe there was similar bug in 2.5.8 version. Don’t remember as it is already 10 years old. I do remember that older versions had some problems with history saving, but in that case it wasn’t showing any history at all. Don’t expect to get support for such an old version. Openfire is also rather old, but i don’t think it is related to this issue. Btw, 2.8.3 is the latest version. Not 2.6.3.

Where can I get the 2.8.3 version? Thank you

Please disregard previous comment as I see this in your downloads. Thank you