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Not all the client can connect to the server


Recently I took a new remote job, and they said: “We’re going to converse in jabber, that we’ll set up.” But as it appears, not all the clients can work with it. I know it must be openfire and I must be able to see its config if needed. They gave me username, ip address and password. Their certificate is not valid, or non trusted, whatever. Clients usually make warnings about it.

So, the problem is that not all the clients work with it. I’m particularly interested in iOS applications. The most robust out there is probably Cisco Jabber which doesn’t work (none of the IOS’ ones that I tried work). The desktop ones which work are pidgin and gajim. Empathy doesn’t.

Could it be that the problem lies in not having a domain name? Or is there a way to sniff the traffic and find out what’s going wrong? Or any other way to make it work? Thanks in advance.