Not authorized error message

I am trying to integrate phpBB into an Openfire installation. This funcitonality is provided out-of-the-box in phpBB; although it appears not to work. There seem to be a number of posts kicking about mentioning this, but they do not have many responses, and are quite woolly.

I have debugged the php code a bit, and checked against the XMPP RFC, and it appears to be in good order.

The system selected DIGEST-MD5 and a challenge is sent to the phpbb client e.g:

cmVhbG09Im5mcCIsbm9uY2U9ImNDTnhEK1ZqYy91bVRHRkdsYVQ1UXZzS1JuekRCN0d3R200SEVUaDgi LHFvcD0iYXV0aCIsY2hhcnNldD11dGYtOCxhbGdvcml0aG09bWQ1LXNlc3M=


realm=“nfp”,nonce=“cCNxD+Vjc/umTGFGlaT5QvsKRnzDB7GwGm4HETh8”,qop=“auth”,charset= utf-8,algorithm=md5-sess

A response is then sent back to Openfire:

dXNlcm5hbWU9InBocGJiIixyZXNwb25zZT0iOGM2NGYwMGM1YzcyNzU2YTIyODU2ZTZkNGMxNmE5MzciLGNoYXJzZXQ9InV0Zi04IixuYz0iMDAwMDAwMDEiLG5vbmNlPSJjQ054RCtWamMvdW1UR0ZHbGFUNVF2c0tSbnpEQjdHd0dtNEhFVGg4Iixxb3A9ImF1dGgiLGRpZ2VzdC11cmk9InhtcHAvbmZwIixyZWFsbT0ibmZwIixjbm9uY2U9ImJ5MjJhdlFxUTBHeTVGWlZnQS94YjVVNzVvWWlXNERlejQwRGdnRFFFV0E9Ig== -i.e.- username="phpbb",response="8c64f00c5c72756a22856e6d4c16a937",charset="utf-8",nc="00000001",nonce="cCNxD+Vjc/umTGFGlaT5QvsKRnzDB7GwGm4HETh8",qop="auth",digest-uri="xmpp/nfp",realm="nfp",cnonce="by22avQqQ0Gy5FZVgA/xb5U75oYiW4Dez40DggDQEWA="

The server will then send a <not-authorized/> response.Naturally, I’ve done the obvious and ensured that the user is setup and can login ok via Spark. This leads me to believe the data being sent in the response message is invalid, but according to section 6.5 of this all appears correct.Does anybody with any knowledge of this area know what could be causing this?Thanks,

Please accept my apologies for the display and formatting of my message - this input control seems a little… buggy.


Is this the right forum for this level of conversation; or is there a technical/developer forum that I would be better asking?

I’m beginning to think this is futile, but bump.

Lets see some of that Opensource support that’s supposed to make Opensource a viable alternative.

Does anybody have any experience in auth with Openfire and could perhaps help me in debugging this bit of code; or anybody with a magic solution to the phpbb issue?

This appears to affect phpBB 3.0.1