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Not easy to connect to other LDAP users

I just setup OpenFire to work with LDAP and a bunch of us were trying it out using Pidgin to connect to it. Although we can get it so that some users connect with each other successfully, it seems to be a lot more difficult than one would think. When you add a user there seems to be a ‘process’ of authorizing each other back and forth until finally you can speak with each other. Then there are some users which remain offline and you can’t seem to send them the authorization at all.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the authorization process totally? Or just some general hints about making it easier to add the users as buddies and get this thing working smoothly? Everything works great except for the adding and authorizing of the users…

Use the subcription plugin and accept all requests

Hey Todd,

Thanks for the tip. I changed that and hopefully it will help. I also stopped and started the service and noticed the following messages:

"Missing database schema for user-status. Attempting to install…

user-status-1.0.2 - Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database."

I know this is in reference to the user-status plugin I installed to help with the offline/online problem I was having where the users couldn’t see the status properly, but do you know where there is some documentation about the upgrading of the database? I’m going to hunt around for it but I just thought you might know of the top of your head.