Not getting all items from node

Hi, when retrieving persistent items from a node, does it only return the latest published items for each user? Right now, when I try to call getItems, I seem to only get the latest published event from each user. I would like to retrieve all of the items from the node, regardless if there’s more than one for each user.

This is the code I’m using currently for retrieval:

PubSubManager manager = new PubSubManager(connectionManager.getConnection());
            node = manager.getNode(nodeList);
            Collection<PayloadItem<EventItem>> eventItems = node.getItems(25);
            Log.e(TAG, "Collection size: " + eventItems.size());
            List<PayloadItem<EventItem>> payloadList = new ArrayList<>();             for(PayloadItem<EventItem> payload : eventItems) {
        } catch (SmackException.NoResponseException e) {

This is my node configure form:

ConfigureForm configureForm = new ConfigureForm(DataForm.Type.submit);

If I submit two items to a node and then call getItems, the debug shows that I only receive the following;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<iq to="" id="4cw4Z-27" type="get">
   <pubsub xmlns="">
   <items node="TESTNODE" max_items="25" />
</iq> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<iq from="" to="" id="4cw4Z-27" type="result">
   <pubsub xmlns="">
      <items node="TESTNODE">
         <item id="">
            <newevent xmlns="" xml:lang="en">
               <title>Test Title 2</title>
               <description>Test description</description>

This is the only thing I receive in the debug. No other items present except for the latest published one.

Is this a server setting issue?

I appreciate any advice or suggestions.


I’m still having this issue. Can’t seem to figure out if it’s a part of the configuration or not.

Any helpful advice is welcome