Not getting the presence properly (while offline)


I am getting some problem of getting presence while adding a user to my contact list. Not all the time, but in the case while both the users (sender and reciever) are not online at a time. Here is the scenerio:

  1. A (sender) sends subscription request to B (reciever) while B is offline.

  2. B gets the presence and grants the subscription request of A when A is offline.

  3. A gets the presence and grants the request of B when B is offline.

  4. Now when B logs in and A is offline B doesn’t get any presence of subscription from A.

And thats why A is not added to the contact list of B.

Am I doing some wrong? Or it is needed to make sure the users online while adding them each other.

NB: This scenerio is working very fine when both the users are online.



I have the same problem with Openfire 3.5.1.

You could install the subscription plugin and configure it to accept local. This would remove the requirement for users to accept roster additions.