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Not just another 'Auto-Populate Contacts in Spark' thread ;)

I have read through many of the threads abou tthis, but I think there is still something missing.
Sorry if it is here somewhere and I’m just the one missing it.

In this thread…

TimothyCox said,

“This is pretty easy, It’‘s just not obvious.
Create a new group in AD (Global, Distribution)
Toss a few users in
close ADU&C
OPen Wildfire admin console
Users/groups tab
Group summary
Find the group you created below, click on it.
You should see a list of members below already. (If none are listed, you may have specified the wrong type of group)
Click Enable contact list group sharing, give it a name, save settings.
Either wait or restart you SPARK client.
That’'s about it.

I have done this, and it works just fine, except for one thing…

For example, let’s say I created a group in the AD named “group123”.
I followed Tim’s instructions above, and it did indeed show up in the Spark client (and so did its users, but not as I had hoped).

When I look in the Spark client, the users whom are actually part of group123 in the AD do not show up in group123 in the Spark client.
Instead, group123 in the Spark client is empty and the users which are supposed to be in that group are in the ‘Offline Group’ group.

I understand that the user can manually move each user into their appropriate group, but is there a way to make all of the users which are in group123 in the AD automatically be in group123 within the Spark client interface (without having to deselect the item in the ‘Contacts’ menu named ‘Group offline users)’?



Only online users appear in the contact groups in spark unless you are not grouping offline users. If you are not grouping offline users then they will appear in there group but offline, until they signon.

Hi Todd.


As indicated, I figured this much, but just wanted to check to make sure I was understanding it, and to see if there was possibly another way around it.

So, I guess this brings me to my next question…