Not receiving "self-presence" on entering a Multi-User Chat

According to XEP-0045, when a user enters a multi-user chat, the service must send to this new user the presence of all room participants (unless the the room is configured to not broadcast the presence, which is not the case), and, after that, send a presence of himself with a “self-presence” (110) status code in the muc#user extension.

The thing is that I’m not receiving the “self-presence” status codes when a user joins a room which is not empty (that is, the first user that enters the room gets the self presence, but not the others)

I’m using Openfire 3.9.3.

Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance

It has been fixed already: 51d2ea0de4

In which version? since I’m using 3.9.3, and it’s the last available released version. Do I have to wait until 3.10?

In deed. 3.9.3 is from May 2014. The fix is from December.