Not require each client to authorize a new user?

I was wondering if there was a way that I could make it so that when I implement a new user into the domain and setup their Pidgin account if there was a way that they don’t have to wait for every user to authorize them? I would like to just have a single exported list that everyone can use instead of everyone having their own. Any suggestions?

YOu could install the subscription plugin and configure it to accept local. Also setting up a shared group with all users in that group wil cause the users to autopopulate to all group members rosters.

Can I ask a stupid question then and say how do you setup a shared group?

That depends on whether you are using LDAP or not. With LDAP go to the Users/Groups tab click the groups tab, choose a group, provide a Share name and save.

When I try that it just says the group is read only.

Also … where is the prescription plugin? I can’t seem to find it.

Are you using LDAP


Hi All,

Actually, if LDAP is not being used the registration plugin would probably be a better option since you can configure it to automatically add users to a predefined group when they first create their account.



You can not create a new group then you need to use a group from LDAP. Just click on a group’s name and provide a share name and save. See attachment.

Just to add. Subscription plugin won’t add new users to users’ rosters. It just can auto authorize them. That’s not the same.

Sweet! I think I figured it out!!! Thanks for the help!!!

The subscription plugin was to address one aspect of his question. Sharing a group was to address the other, and since he is using LDAP the registration plugin is of no value to auto place users in a group.