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Not should to system tray

The program should not be minimized in the system tray. How to do it? Spark 2_6_3.Как запретить сворачивать программу в System tray.

There is no such option.

I thought this was a forum on the developer’s site…

You are asking in the Support section, so i assumed you were looking for an option to do that. If you want to change the code, then i’m afraid you won’t get an answer either. Spark doesn’t have regular developers, especially watching over these forums. If you are a developer or know some developer you may try to look at the code and probably the easiest way to do this would be to somehow remove the X button form the main Spark window. Unless you want the X button to close the application actually. This can be harder to achieve. I’m not a developer myself, so can’t point to the exact spot in the code.