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Not Show Ststistic: FreeBSD 9.1 + DB FireBird 2.5.2 + jdbc Jaybird-2.2.2 + OpenFire 3.8.1

There are errors, describe them more low.
Would like to receive recommendations about their correction.
The additional information (a configuration, scripts and other) - I will give.
My native language - Russian.
I will use therefore electronic transfer.
In advance I apologise for inconveniences.

Has worked the server in a configuration specified more low, about one month.

The errors connected with PubSubPersistenceManager were strewed to broad gulls, I about it wrote in http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/49918 but the answer was not.

Now new “pleasure” with the module of the statistican.

On page Statistics/Statistics https://jbd4:9091/plugins/monitoring/stats-dashboard.jsp it is empty

Though on page Statistics/All Reports https://jbd4:9091/plugins/monitoring/stats-reporter.jsp all is normal

The module monitoring rearranged (was 1.3.1-rc1), tried 1.3.0, has not helped.

There are offers?

Has established OpenFire.
FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE i386
DB FireBird 2.5.2
java openjdk-7.17.02_2
jdbc driver Jaybird-2.2.2
OpenFire 3.8.1
Has created a DB.
Has edited openfire.xml
Has disconnected not the plug-ins necessary to me.
Has left the following:

Client Control
Content Filter
DB Access
Hazelcast Clustering Plugin
Just married
Load Statistic
Monitoring Service
Packet Filter
Presence Service
User Import Export