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Not showing chat data for a specific user

We are facing an issue in a specific user’s chat on Spark 2.9.4 Ignite Realtime.
Everything is working absolutely fine for all other users but chat is not working for one specific user.

What I troubleshoot:

  1. We do clean re-installation of the software
  2. Checked the logs but didn’t find any history
  3. Also downgraded the client but didn’t work as expected.

we are getting the following Error:
"There is no previous conversation history for this user"

Please suggest us…!!!

When exactly does this happen? I expect that this only happens when the user tries to look up old messages.

You could try to remove the .Spark directory from their user profile. Do make a backup first, as you can loose some user-specific settings that are stored there.

Thank you for your response …!!!
Issue has been resolved.

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Hello guus,
We did as you said about solution for specific user that work for us , but we still getting same error for another user. we did all troubleshoot as you mention earlier but still getting that problem.

Please suggest us further…


Same issue here after upgrading to new version 3.0.0.

In the chat history window of all users, except one, I get: “There is no previous conversation history for this user”

But all the .xml files in the user’s profile are updated: so there is the history but is not shown.

Kind regards.


I have already removed the Spark directory from the user’s profile, but the issue persists.


please tell me the login of the problem user.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your request (English is not my native language): what is the “login of the problem user”?

Kind regards.

I mean the username that you enter along with the password)


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