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Not showing chat data for a specific user

We are facing an issue in a specific user’s chat on Spark 2.9.4 Ignite Realtime.
Everything is working absolutely fine for all other users but chat is not working for one specific user.

What I troubleshoot:

  1. We do clean re-installation of the software
  2. Checked the logs but didn’t find any history
  3. Also downgraded the client but didn’t work as expected.

we are getting the following Error:
"There is no previous conversation history for this user"

Please suggest us…!!!

When exactly does this happen? I expect that this only happens when the user tries to look up old messages.

You could try to remove the .Spark directory from their user profile. Do make a backup first, as you can loose some user-specific settings that are stored there.

Thank you for your response …!!!
Issue has been resolved.

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Hello guus,
We did as you said about solution for specific user that work for us , but we still getting same error for another user. we did all troubleshoot as you mention earlier but still getting that problem.

Please suggest us further…