Not showing the correct version (Openfire 4.7.5, build ee4395e)

I have two servers running RockyOS with Openfire 4.7.5, build ee4395e on them. One is showing the correct version and the other is showing Openfire 4.7.0, build e020f58. I installed the same version on both machines. It’s not a huge issue, but an annoyance because it sends me messages every day that there is a new version available. :wink:

Thank you,
Ron Fancella

When doing the RPM upgrade, the previous running version of Openfire is often not properly stopped. If you restart the openfire service, it will likely work.

Thank you for a prompt reply. This is not the case. I stopped the service, backed up the entire directory and DB. Installed the RPM and then started it again. Same exact operation for each with different results. It was like this when I installed v4.7.4.1 also. It showed v4.7.0. :frowning: