Not working voice/video in app

Hi all!

I have problem in start video\voice talk on my OpenFire/borsh & Apache2/Jappix server.

I install stun-plagin on OpenFire and launch him.

When I start a call, and we passed the time with a colleague did not hear or see only a black screen (if video)

I try check logs, but not found problems.

Next i try install Jappix plagin. If i give hime rules openfire:openfire him deliting in folder /plugins.

Then i try not give 777 or give user him and work on root:root

i instal this plagin. but not found admin panel. Voice\video too not work.

In page plugins in OpenFire he periodically appears and disappears.

Yesterday I asked a question on open_channel, and I suggested using Openfire Meetings. I have installed the plug-in and plug-on chrome, but unfortunately it does not work the sound and video. Connected users, and I see the same outgoing traffic from them. He show the fact that the screen resolution -1 -1.(black screen)

What me can make, for work voice/video in this app?