Notifications on MUC Room Destruction


I am writing a custom XMPP client, with QXmpp, which I am connecting to Openfire with. Some unexpected behaviour is occuring when I try to destroy a room, however.

Wed Jul 29 10:01:26 2015 SENT
<iq id="qxmpp57" to="room@conference.haroldpc" from="harold@haroldpc/QXmpp" type="set">
    <query xmlns="">
        <destroy jid="room@conference.haroldpc"/>
</iq> Wed Jul 29 10:01:26 2015 RECEIVED
<iq type="result" id="qxmpp57" from="room@conference.haroldpc" to="harold@haroldpc/QXmpp"/>

This looks like the room was successfully destroyed, and checking the admin console confirms that the room is no longer there. However, none of the users that were in the room receive any notification about it. Is there a setting for this I’ve accidentally changed, have I done something weird with my request, or is it just known behaviour?