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Novice here, wanting to use this chat server, I have a few questions

Hello All,

I am interested int he Open Fire chat server for use on one or more of my websites. What I need from it is very basic, therefore, I’ll list these needs as bullet points below:

  • The set-up is for users to log on to a website and use the chat to type directly to the host of a streaming webcam presentation.

  • The host of the webcam presentation can respond back to those in the chat room.

  • A list of who is in the room would be nice.

  • However the users in the chat room will not converse with each other, only with the host of the webcam presentation.

  • A feature to allow anywhere from one to five guests in a room would be nice, say a password-protected chat room or something similar.

Do I understand that Open Fire is just the server software and that I would need an actual IM client? If this is the case, which of the other products I see here would be a good choice? Again, I am not looking for a complex chat system, just a secure, tailorable system that lets me build a ‘theatre’ where a specified number of users may attend.

Please let me know if I’m not clear on any or all of this and I’ll make an effort to clarify.

Many thanks in advance!