Nullpointer on register

I get a NullpointerException in wildfire:

createRosterItem caused Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

using beta 2 version.

It occurs if I

  1. register (with yahoo)

  2. unregister

  3. register again

The jiveRoster is left with a bad entry with sub=0 which stops the gateway working with that transport for then on with that user.


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Define bad entry =) What does the entry look like?

I get a row in jiveroster table like:

rosterID | username | jid | sub | ask | recv | nick

2392 | clive | yahoo.localhost | 0 | -1 | -1 | NULL |

A similar row is added every time I try to register.

I am now no longer automatically logged in (I assume becuase sub=0 e.g. “none”)

This row doesn’'t disappear if I “unregister”

That is… very odd! Could you post the entire stacktrace?

There is no complete stacktrace, just the previous in the wildfire console window.

But in the error log I have:

2006.09.25 21:18:27 org.jivesoftware.wildfire.gateway.BaseTransport.addOrUpdateRosterItem


createRosterItem caused exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

In the Warn log:

2006.09.25 21:17:47 Yahoo login failed for clive@localhost

In the debug log:

2006.09.25 21:17:46 A new session has come online: clive@localhost/res

2006.09.25 21:17:46 Logging in to Yahoo gateway.

2006.09.25 21:17:47 to:null from:null message:null timestamp:null

2006.09.25 21:17:55 Cleaning up roster entry yahoo.localhost

2006.09.25 21:17:55 Unable to find registration.

2006.09.25 21:17:55 Unable to find registration.

2006.09.25 21:17:55 Unable to find registration.

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Oh crap, yeah, I didn’'t have it print the entire stack trace. Need to fix that as well.

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