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NullpointerException while rendering page


I’'m trying to use JiveMessenger in embedded mode inside ATG6.4. Whenever I start the Jive inside the server JVM, I get a NullPointerException while rendering a page. If I start Jive as a separate Application, everything works fine. If I look at the source of the jsp page, the pageContext is null, because exactly in this line the NullPointerException is thrown.

This is the part of the StackTrace:


at atg3._jspbuild._html._index_xjsp._jspService(_index_xjsp.java:97)

at atg3._jspbuild._html._index_xjsp._jspService(_index_xjsp.java:70)

at atg.servlet.jsp.DynamoJspPageServlet.service(DynamoJspPageServlet.java:175)

at atg.servlet.container.WebApplication.dispatchServlet(WebApplication.java:1350)

at atg.servlet.pagecompile.PageCompileServlet.service(PageCompileServlet.java:471)

at atg.servlet.DynamoServlet.service(DynamoServlet.java:123)

This is the part of the jsp page:

atg.servlet.jsp.DynamoJspPageContext pageContext = (atg.servlet.jsp.DynamoJspPageContext)factory.getPageContext(

this, request, response,





ServletConfig config = getServletConfig();

ServletContext application = config.getServletContext();

HttpSession session = pageContext.getSession();

Could somebody help me on this, maybe somebody has the same problem on other app servers?

Thanks in advance,


Have you set your jiveHome in jive_init.xml? It should be located in the the WEB-INF/classes directory.

Yes, I did.

I was able to fix this problem. This was related to the admin web-app in the jive installation.

This brakes the request and pageContext.



Hi Silvio,

The index.jsp page brakes the request and pageContext? Have you tried the Messenger 1.1 release candidate yet? This should issue should not be present.