Number of Users in a chat and on the server

I’m a programmer (i dont know Java) and I was wondering…

in a chat app I’m developing… in the room menu/list I want to display the number of people in each room beside the room name.

Also, I want to also list the amount of people on the server in total when they start the app up.

Is there any way to achieve this off of OpenFire or get this info in a method that isn’t resource intense and efficient?

I’m really curious and I’m thankful to whoever helps.

As Openfire is showing the numbers of users logged to a room and the number of total registered users in Admin Console, there should be a way to use that outside the console. By using some “providers” I’m not a developer Btw, Developers part of the forums should be more appropriate for such types of questions (maybe more help from developers like you).

Thanks for the reply… i completely forgot there was even a developer part of the forum.

thanks and if anybody help here just let me know… thanks again.