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Odd behavior when joining a GroupChat


I am using smack to developp a client application connected to a Jive Messenger server.

I have noticed an odd behavior when I use GroupChat#join(nickname) of Smack API. It seems that, sometimes, the server sends me two times this group of messages:

  • one or two “null” GROUP_CHAT message(s)

  • the defined number of recent GROUP_CHAT messages (history settings)

I have been checking my code since yesterday to be sure that I do not join two times the GroupChat without any result. Moreover, I have not found what special conditions makes this repetition : sometimes I get the messages once, sometimes twice…

Is there any explication to this amazing reaction of the server?

FYI, I am developping on a Fedora Core 3 and Jive Messenger is installed on localhost, nothing goes through a network.



I should have had a closer look before… Indeed, an additionnal GroupChat#join(nickname) was hidden in my code… I am sorry for this useless thread and admin can delete it if necessary.