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Odd login issues Active Directory 3.9.3 Candy, LDAP setup Bug

So first off, I am going to look around further to see if someone has encountered this sort of issue before.

I have been working on getting openfire configured with Candy and Active Directory login for some time now and have finally really gotten it all together.

Active Directory seems to be working fine for most everything. I have myself set as an admin and I can log into the admin panel. My other admin can also, all using our AD creds.

This is where it gets odd.

My other admin is able to use his AD creds to log in via Candy, also Spark and Pidgin, those are open for some of our other users.

I myself can log in via Spark and Pidgin, but via Candy I am hanging at Connecting. This could possibly be a Candy specific issue but I am unsure.

My current suspicion is that my issue is because I am the admindn being used to connect AD, and currently I am just waiting on a service account to be created.

The other suspicion is that the https requests from my machine specifically are causing some issues with the characters in my AD creds when they are being submitted.

Though to test that I need to get someone else to test on my browsers or test mine on another machine. I’ve got a pretty locked down network here, so likely the latter is not going to happen any time soon.

I may post something along these lines to the Candy help forum also, but I’d appreciate any input.

Also, I found a bit of a bug in the LDAP setup process.

In the user mapping portion of the setup, in advanced settings there is the User Filter form fill box.

If this box is filled with an incorrect filter, and tested. Then the setup is run again.

If the box is then emptied in order for the default setting to be put in place, the default will be in place up through admin selection.

But when the setup is being completed, the prior value, not the default will be used.

This caused me a lot of grief since I kept setting up LDAP, hitting myself as an admin to test, then attempting to login to the admin panel after completing the process only to be told my account did not exist.