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Odd Openfire Issue

I deemed this an Openfire Server issue, as opposed to a Spark client issue, because I can replicate it on any machine running Spark.

For some reason my user account cannot be seen by the rest of the people on the server chatting nor do I receive any updates to my client when a new user logs on. I have no problems chatting with people or inviting them to conference rooms, etc. I’‘m just “invisible” to them. I’'ve done a check and nobody else is having this issue.

I’'m running the new Openfire 3.3 with Spark 2.5.2 and I pull my user information from a Novell eDirectory/LDAP repository and my account is set up as an admin.

At this point I’'m just looking for someone to point me in the right direction so I can figure out what the issues are here.


Jason Manous

I you look at connected users in the Openfire console, can you see that you’'re logged in?

Yes, I’‘m logged in and can participate in chat sessions so long as I’'m the one who starts them.

Is your user ID part of a group which has its roster shared with everyone including members of other groups?

Yes it is.