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Odd Spark Bug? (2.5.7)

Any idea why Spark is doing this? (See attached file) Ignore the white spaces, I deleted some file names and last names for security purposes.

The odd thing is, I have never had spark on the left side of my screen. Computer is running Windows XP Pro, Service Pack . Any help would be appreciated it.

WHEW!!! I thought it was just me, I am running 2.5.8 beta 1 and have been seeing that lately as well, as well as some other oddities when it has been left running for a long while. I just thought it was a problem with my pc… It has been acting strange lately… If you exit it and reopen problem goes right away… I have had some strange group display problems as well. I will post back tomorrow when I return to work…


See: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/29815

Yeah, pretty odd, eh?

Also, why does Spark use so much memory?!!?

Like for example, my five highest processes are as follows:

firefox.exe - 88,028 K

thunderbird.exe - 74,596 K

Spark.exe - 42,000 K

iTunes - 17,764 K

svchost.exe - 14,252 K


RandyB wrote:

Also, why does Spark use so much memory?!!?

Spark.exe - 42,000 K

42 M is much these days? “ram is cheap” they say, and this is Java application, so JVM will use some amount of memory no matter how small application would be.

Not speaking about that Task Manager’s Mem Usage column is not perfect measurement tool. Suggest watching Mark Russinovich lessons about memory (Private Bytes, etc.).

I’m more concerned in Spark slowiness after long idle and freezes (memory leaks) than memory consumption amount, imho.