OF 3.10 + ofmeet 1.4 + AD experience

Hi everybody…
i got working this sandwich after couple of hours but i found some troubles also.
Firstly - vCards should be udpdated manualy - company tag is missing on config page for example…
Also photo tag is disappering repeatedly, why? not clear.

I can’t use firefox for AD configuration - the result is never working simply (and admin can’t log in after that)

So i am using IE9 (but layout is broken) or IE11 which is working well - funny…
But rest of conf. could be done by FF.

I have more than 200 groups at AD. The issue is - there is no easy way how to populate them to users.

Jitsi can’t see groups by the searching and also can’t search any other mapped fields (and defined at the OF Search mapping)

Spark is searching well.User profile updating (from AD) is generally very slow (and mostly effective after OF reboot only) - users can see half team members for hours
After couple of client reboots and 2 server reboots = they synced finally.

’'focus" user (for ofmeet) had been created

SPARK ~ i can’t see any ofmeet plugin here (is placed and visible in plugin directory but spark doesn’t see him) - so can’t test it

Jitsi - is working without problems. But Jitsi has genarally bad addoption of XMPP options… Searching and user adding is (VERY) problematic. Chatroom usage isn’t comfortable (can’t see them easy as SPARK can…)

Also JITSI is best working on VP8 codec. H.264 looks broken (may after last update fixed?)


it is problem…

No any user account (AD) is accepted (i did check both browsers ~ Opera and Chrome) - it is not reporting issue and no any warning/error logged. Simply it is again and again asking for UID/PWD… So i did try to use “focus” user - working. (focus user is also located on AD) any additional admin of conf didn’t working - seems to be bug
So i switched off ofmeet’s security - and it was responding of course. But it is not required situation.
Also point… Coop. tools: PDF presentat. and Post-it don’t work at all (neverending waiting for appl. loading). Again checked on both browsers on two servers (on of them has local user db).
May some additional support is required on browser side? - not documented unfortunately.

I am not developer so Java ciphers looks cryptic for me …

So if some of You has different experience - pls share it.


sorry to hear about your issues with ofmeet and AD. Unfortunately, I don’t have AD and never tested it. thanks for reporting the issues. I will add them to my todo list.

To get the best out of Openfire Meetings, please make sure you have the following dependencies installed and configured

  1. clientcontrol plugin to manage chat room bookmarks and URLs for co-op web pages and for candy group chat

  2. openfire meetings chrome extension (chrome app store) for screen sharing and all co-op apps

sorry for my late… i am sleeping in the office

I did check Chrome and Opera also. The feeling is the same for both. I have cl.control plug installed. When i am using db backend only (non-AD) - it is working well. With AD - no chance to log other than focus user.

(BTW: Chrome is mostly declined by companies… it is security hell and pacman of pc performance… so my tests had been “academic” only… because Chrome has no future in our company. Opera has some chance…

Much more painfull is AD integration mainly in case of JITSI usage. SPARK is old too much… But Miranda looks ok for example… but it is not entr. level client. Jitsi is working with db backend ~hmm acceptable… but with AD? it is hell. Suppose the issue could be on JITSI side if SPARK or Miranda can search.

Working autosubscription (for AD, not tested with DB) is missing really (it is often req. at companies…)

Another workaround is to publish all groups (but i have more than 200 groups…) and with more than ths. users, can you image the total roster size… It is mil. records… not sure if OF will be able to survive that

But other comments about fake names, renaming etc… are the same for all IM clients… Seems to be the AD int. issue.

Till my post I found another issues also… for example session list is sometime overwritten by java exception error output…

( I am using CentOS 6 , Oracle java 1.7,on HP PRL G7 server with cca 16G mem and 2x XEON (q.c) 2.9Ghz + JITSI 2.8 and SPARK. The second test envi nonAD is C7, VMWare appl.)

Chrome is more enterprise ready that you might think. They offer an MSI version, along with policy templates for Group Policy Management. If my companies core web application didn’t rely on activex, I would have made the switch.

It is another kind of discussion i think.
Anyway - that is no my personal feeling it is result of many official audits… There is no any real advantage of Chrome usage but perf. troubles only. IE is faster and not so hungry. The calc is easy… if you have ths empl. of cust. centers… any 1sec delaying means hours per day… 1 hour cost 1,5mil $, thanks…

You are out of luck. Openfire Meetings current;y only works with chrome