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Offline groups - feature request

I would like to request that spark can turn off the “offline group”. The problem being that I want to use LDAP to populate the shared groups but this is no good if many of the users are offline. How can a user look for members of a group if no one in this group is online.

I’'ve configured wildfire to allow offline message sending so having everyone who is offline thrown together in 1 category is inconvienent.

Instead I would like offline users to be shaded or something like this. Yahoo does this so it’'s not an unusual request.

I’'ve used Gaim and that seems to organise the users by group, however I really like spark and would like to deploy it instead.

Anyone else have the same issue?

To clarify if I understand the OP, I have had this same desire.

Would be nice if offline users showed up under their assigned LDAP group, instead of under the default “offline group”. This would also require that the option to show empty groups be persistant. Currently, if I choose to display empty groups, the next time i logon, I have to tell Spark again to show empty groups.

i agree, need to show offline users in their groups

I have to tell Spark again to show empty