Offline Message cache

If I send 10,000 messages to a offline user(there is 5000 words per message), when the user login,it may received about 1000 messages, then disconnected.

Is that a problem about offline message cache?

Please give me some help,thanks.

offline messages are limited to the amount of storage space you have deticated per user to the task. and I just have to say OMG why would you send 10000, 5000 word messages to an offline user? I would just close them if I got flooded like that.

Hi Todd,

How can I change the amount of storage space I have deticated per user to the task?

I am developing a project. In the project, a client send command to another via XMPP server. sometime there are a lot of command, so I must make sure that no command will be missed.


But I have selected “Always store”: